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Three Tips for a Thanksgiving with Ease

Thanksgiving is a day for friends, family, food, and giving thanks. But for those hosting Thanksgiving get-togethers, this day could be more associated with stress. Hosting Thanksgiving means crazy cleaning, endless cooking, a lot of entertaining, and even more cleaning after the fact.

Here are three simple, sanity-saving tips to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Take a deep breath

Taking on Thanksgiving might be viewed as a big challenge, especially if you’re the host, but it’s not worth stressing! While we can’t all have the holiday get-togethers that we see on the screen, we can do the best with what we have. Everyone spends Thanksgiving in a way that’s unique to them, so embrace it.

Don’t forget to take a deep breath, and remember, this holiday is an opportunity to be around loved ones and enjoy some incredible food.

Ask for help

If you’re spending turkey day with your loved ones, look for a helping hand, it is the season of giving, after all. If you step back and look at every detail that goes into a Thanksgiving meal, it might make you go crazy! So, reach out to your guests ahead of time and see what they’d be willing to do. Whether it’s baking a pie or simply bringing ice, the less on your plate, the better.

If you feel like you can handle the important items, look for help with the little things. Have guests bring their own drinks or appetizers, ask your kids or those in the house for help setting the table, or look for a hand tidying up. Don’t worry about being the superhero who does it all themselves; save yourself the stress and ask for help!

Enjoy yourself 

With the uncertainty this year has brought us, it’s essential to slow down on days like Thanksgiving and appreciate everything you have around you. Do the best not to get bogged down like Charlie Brown; make the most out of it!

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